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GAME OVER: Van Krikorian and Global Gold Corp.

It's time to say goodbye to Global Gold Corp (pink: GBGD) and its sketchy President, Van Krikorian.

After years of defrauding employees and suppliers in the Republic of Armenia out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, swindling joint venture partners out of over US$12MM, and partially embezzling and money laundering these proceeds, its time to say goodbye to Global Gold Corp (pink: GBGD) and its President, CEO, Chairman, Director and Corporate Counsel, Van Krikorian.

On December 4, 2017, GBGD through the fraudulent actions of its President, Mr. Van Krikorian along with the complicit support of its Board of Directors, transferred all of GBGD's assets and claims to its officers and directors, consolidated its shares 251:1, ceased becoming a reporting issuer, and went dark, leaving behind US$20,917,023 in liabilities, broken promises. dreams and a trail of fraud.

I am sure that this tale is not over.  With the assets of GBGD in the hands of Van Krikorian and his accomplices, they may try to scam more people with their questionable Armenian mining assets. They may attempt to sell these assets to unsuspecting investors or unscrupulous stock promoters to make a few more bucks.  But for now:

Van Krikorian

The SEC did not get you for your fraudulent actions (yet),
but the Russians you scammed money from might be more successful.

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That's what Mr. Van Z. Krikorian said to me and my brother (John Mavridis) in October 2010 while we were trying to resolve the dispute between Global Gold and Caldera.  Little did I know that he was serious and that his scheme was already put in place weeks before!

Mr. Van Z. Krikorian, the Corporate Counsel of Global Gold Corporation, authorized his lawyer in Armenia Mr. Hrayr Ghukassyan, to file a criminal complaint against me for theft and fraud on September 15, 2010, for allegedly stealing the shares of Marjan Mining Company.

Below is the signed complaint filed by Global Gold Mining, the subsidiary of Global Gold Corporation (GBGD) that was filed with the Prosecutor of Yerevan City, Mr. Badalyan.

Translated from Armenian

To: Mr. Badalyan,
Prosecutor of Yerevan city

From: Hrayr Ghukasyan
Global Gold Mining LLC
Representative of the Armenian Branch

Address: 2a/2 Tumanyan, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia Tel: 010 52-94-18, 093 988-797
Consider and report to:

Van Krikorian's TOUKHMANUK Gold Project is BANKRUPT

While visiting the PDAC, the international mining convention in Toronto, I met representatives of the Armenian Government at the Lydian booth. It was confirmed to me that Global Gold's project in Armenia is BANKRUPT.
I have always said that the 2 million ounce GOLD resource that Van Krikorian was promoting at TOUKHMANUK was a complete fraud.
Global Gold Corp is now defunct and delinquent and no longer files any financial statements.

Don't be fooled by the $3.00 price quote, GBGD has rolled-back its shares 251x and now has approximately 386,000 shares outstanding. The company has transferred all its assets to its officers and directors and left $20 million in debts behind. Now its flagship asset is bankrupt, leaving behind unpaid salaries and unpaid bills in Armenia.

Were GBGD's subsidiaries in Armenia declared Bankrupt?

I received a call today from my contact in Armenia confirming that this is actually the case. Not only that a declaration of bankruptcy was issued in April against all GBGD subsidiaries, but that a court appointed liquidator has been named too.

It is a holiday on Monday in Armenia and I expect to get actual court case numbers and other information by mid week.

Nevertheless, in typical Van Krikorian fashion The only reference to this potential bankruptcy was announced in the 10-K, which was filed on May 2, 2016.  No mention of the actual bankruptcy in subsequent events, and no mention of bankruptcy claims ever filed against GBGD's subsidiaries in Armenia, ever.

Mr. Krikorian discloses the following in the last 10-K:

Page 37
The Company is subject to various legal proceedings and claims that arise in the ordinary course of business or which constitute nuisance claims. In the opinion of ma…