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Global Gold Corp. Threatening YEZIDI Community with Toukhmanuk Gold Mine

ECOLUR reports:

Yazidis Applied to OSCE Yerevan Office Head for Toukhmanuk Tailing Dump

11:20 September 25, 2014


Ambassador Andrey Sorokin, the Head of the OSCE Office in Yerevan, received “Sinjar” Yezidi National Unity representatives and discussed the construction of the third tailing dump for Tukhmanuk ore dressing plant by “Mego Gold” Company. “The ambassador attached much importance to this issue and said they will work in this direction within their competencies,” said Boris Tamoyan, Chairman of “Sinjar” Yezidi National Unity.

Because of tailing dump construction these villages will be deprived of any opportunity to deal with husbandry and will directly emigrate from Armenia, as they won’t have any chance for earning their living,” Boris Tamoyan said and added that these villages are not recognized as project affected, which is a gross violation of the law.

Aparan Aarhus Center Head Natalya Manukyan mentioned that “In March 2014 we sought to make the residents of Rya-Taza aware of having a tailing dump not far from them and the heavy metals of this tailing dump accumulating in Halavar reservoir. We wanted to show them the findings of the research, but the village head didn’t want to see us at all. We had meetings with the residents, who got surprised.”

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Clear and Apparent Fraud at GBGD and Toukhmanuk Gold Mine

On July 5, 2013, GBGD and Mr. Van Krikorian (President and CEO) signed a deal with Linne Mining to act as the CONTRACT MINER for the development of its Toukhmanuk Gold Mine, in Armenia.
By November 2015, Van Krikorian announced in its SEC quarterly filings (10-Q), that the Toukhmanuk project was delayed because the contract miner "requested" to be relieved of its obligations under the mining contractagreement.

To this date, Van Krikorian has failed to post a copy of Linne Mining's letter or provide any clarification to investors, why Linne Mining requested to be "relieved" of it obligations. 

Three months later, the reason for Linne Mining's actions have started to become crystal clear. Linne has been swindled by Van Krikorian and GBGD. There is no gold worth mining at the Toukhmanuk Gold Mine. Here is the proof.

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That's what Mr. Van Z. Krikorian said to me and my brother (John Mavridis) in October 2010 while we were trying to resolve the dispute between Global Gold and Caldera.  Little did I know that he was serious and that his scheme was already put in place weeks before!

Mr. Van Z. Krikorian, the Corporate Counsel of Global Gold Corporation, authorized his lawyer in Armenia Mr. Hrayr Ghukassyan, to file a criminal complaint against me for theft and fraud on September 15, 2010, for allegedly stealing the shares of Marjan Mining Company.

Below is the signed complaint filed by Global Gold Mining, the subsidiary of Global Gold Corporation (GBGD) that was filed with the Prosecutor of Yerevan City, Mr. Badalyan.

Translated from Armenian

To: Mr. Badalyan,
Prosecutor of Yerevan city

From: Hrayr Ghukasyan
Global Gold Mining LLC
Representative of the Armenian Branch

Address: 2a/2 Tumanyan, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia Tel: 010 52-94-18, 093 988-797
Consider and report to: