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That's what Mr. Van Z. Krikorian said to me and my brother (John Mavridis) in October 2010 while we were trying to resolve the dispute between Global Gold and Caldera.  Little did I know that he was serious and that his scheme was already put in place weeks before! Mr. Van Z. Krikorian, the Corporate Counsel of Global Gold Corporation, authorized his lawyer in Armenia Mr. Hrayr Ghukassyan, to file a criminal complaint against me for theft and fraud on September 15, 2010, for allegedly stealing the shares of Marjan Mining Company. Below is the signed complaint filed by Global Gold Mining, the subsidiary of Global Gold Corporation (GBGD) that was filed with the Prosecutor of Yerevan City, Mr. Badalyan. Translated from Armenian   To: Mr. Badalyan, Prosecutor of Yerevan city From: Hrayr Ghukasyan Global Gold Mining LLC Representative of the Armenian Branch Address: 2a/2 Tumanyan, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia Tel: 010 52-94-


Why did a "reputable" lawyer and a prominent leader of the American Armenian community through his work with the Armenian Assembly of America, authorize the filing of a bogus criminal complaint against me in Armenia, when I was President and CEO of Caldera Resources? This "bogus" criminal complaint was nothing more the a scheme to force me to walk away from a business venture in Armenia, to gain an advantage for Global Gold in a civil litigation and to scare me off and attempt to humiliate me by executing a "TAR-AND-FEATHER" campaign. Mr. Krikorian then proudly declared in the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings of  Global Gold Corporation (GBGD): "[C]aldera officials are currently under criminal investigation..." 10-Q Global Gold Corporation Filed August 22, 2011 for the period ending June 30, 2011 10-Q Global Gold Corporation File

PART III: Van Krikorian Authorizes Their Lawyer in Armenia to File Bogus Criminal Complaint

On September 11, 2010 Mr. Hrayr Ghukassyan , the legal counsel for Global Gold in Armenia was authorized to file a bogus criminal complaint against me. During September 2010 Global Gold was claiming it was negotiating in good faith to settle the dispute between them and Caldera. Instead they were planing an attack in Armenia and to cancel the JV Agreement between the parties in the US. The JV was unilaterally cancelled by Global Gold on October 7, 2010 but they did not make it public till October 15, 2010, and breached SEC rules. All their claims were thrown out by the Police investigators on August 24, 2011. There was no evidence of a constitution of any crime. The Police stated that the nature of the complaints are of a civil matter. Below is an extract of the Police conclusion. See Part V for more detailed information. Extract:    DECISION ON TERMINATION OF THE CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS AND SURRENDERING CRIMINAL PROSECUTION   Thus, it was substantiated by the suffi

PART II: The Bogus Criminal Complaint

As a Lawyer and Corporate Counsel for Global Gold, VAN KRIKORIAN knows very well what the difference between a civil and criminal matter is. Van Krikorian also knows that filing a criminal complaint to gain advantage in a civil complaint is not only unethical and a breach of his professional conduct as a member of the bar, in this case it is attempted extortion. What was the "BOGUS" Criminal Complaint? That I stole 100% of the Shares of Marjan Mining Company from Global Gold, a theft equivalent to $2.850,000.  Unbelievable! You enter into a transaction in New York. The resolutions are passed and all shares are transfered to the JV, and then he claims I stole 100% of the shares when I transfered them to the JV which I control 55% and Van Krikorian controls 45%. So how did I steal 100% of the shares? Below is the Copy of the translation and the official "DECISION TO INSTITUTION OF CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS" signed by deputy prosecutor Mr. A. Afandyan.

PART I: Global Gold and Van Krikorian Authorize the Filing of a Criminal Complaint in a Civil Dispute.

It is September 2010. The Legal Counsel for Global Gold in Armenia, criminal lawyer Hrayr Ghoukassian, is given a mandate by Van Krikorian, the Corproate Counsel for Global Gold to file a criminal complaint against me (Bill (Vasilios) Mavridis) and  Mr. Azat Vartanyan, the General Manager of Caldera in Armenia. BACKGROUND Van Krikorian. the Chairman and CEO of Global Gold Corporation, signed a Letter Agreement with Bil Mavridis, President of Caldera Resources, in December 18, 2009, to form a Joint Venture to develop the Marjan Gold and Silver project in Armenia. Caldera was to pay $150,000 by closing and $2,850,000 before December 2012. Caldera would be the Operator and responsible for investing $3,000,000 on the project. Global Gold transfered the license of the Marjan Project to a new Armenian subsidiary, Marjan Mining Company LLC.  Upon closing the shares of Marjan Mining Company LLC would be held by the Joint Venture vehicle, Marjan-Caldera Mining LLC, a Delawar