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Global Gold Corp. and Van Krikorian sued by Joint Venture Partner and Investor of $7MM

You heard it here first..... According to the court roll published by the Royal Court of Jersey on March 28, 2014, Global Gold Corp and its CEO, Chairman, Director and Corporate Counsel, Mr. Van Krikorian,  are being SUED by Consolidated Resources Armenia (CRA).  CRA has invested approximately $7,000,000 in acquiring a 49% interest in GBGD's Armenian assets, namely the Toukhmanuk Gold mine and the Getik copper and gold exploration property. And now CRA is suing GBGD. Why? I took the liberty to check the SEC filings for GBGD and there is no Form 8-K filed disclosing this lawsuit. By law GBGD must disclose material events, like a lawsuit, in 4 business days from having knowledge. There was no disclosure. Global Gold did file a Form 8-K on February 3, 2014 stating that they have not closed Binding Heads of Agreement to merge GBGD's Armenia assets with Signature Gold of Australia. ( see GBGD 8-K filing of September 5, 2013 ). It will be curious to see how GBGD